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Jaguar Nation's students, faculty, and staff are doing great things. Read about them

Jaguar Nation's students, faculty, and staff are doing great things. Read about them »

Jedis, Buddhism and the translational power of film

In 2015, when it dawned on us that watching new Star Wars movies would soon become a holiday tradition, we thought to ourselves: What can we learn from the story behind the stories we love? First...

At the core of “Hard, Hard Religion,” shared faith

Without a doubt, factors like race and class affect the way we view our society, but do they also affect the way we view our faith? Dr. John Hayes, associate professor of History, believes so. In his...

Diversity and Inclusion launches speaker series

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will launch its Diversity and Inclusion Grand Rounds speaker series with a presentation by highly acclaimed researcher and Augusta University Education Professor...

Story Ideas: Solar Eclipse

Why are eclipses so rare? What happens during these fascinating and beautiful events? Why have people historically been so terrified of them? Augusta University has answers.

3Qs with Dr. Andrew Goss on North Korea

Dr. Andrew Goss, chair of the Department of History, Anthropology & Philosophy, sat down with the Jagwire team to discuss North Korea. For the past decade or so, North Korea has been the butt of...

Buried, but not forgotten

Six-thousand years ago, a Native American community inhabited a 60-acre stretch of grassland and forest just outside of Warrenton, Georgia. They were likely ancestors to the Creeks, though it’s tough...

National History Day in photos

On Saturday, students from several local schools, including the Academy of Richmond County, Westside High and Episcopal Day School, took part in National History Day.