Augusta University Values Week

Hannah Goforth’s leadership journey

Augusta University is celebrating leadership throughout its third annual Values Week.

Hannah Goforth, a senior in the James M. Hull College of Business, recalls her leadership journey at the university.

Leadership is reflected in courage, honor, professionalism, transparency and vision.

Goforth, originally from Milledgeville, set her sights on becoming a Jag after attending Undergraduate Preview Day and receiving a tour from an 1828 ambassador who would later become her sorority sister and friend.

“I immediately clicked with her and we became friends,” Goforth said. “After the event, she gave me a personal tour of campus and I thought that campus was so beautiful, especially the fountain. I definitely loved the buildings and classroom sizes.”

After changing her major twice freshman year, she switched to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration.

“My first business class was Intro to Business with Dr. Melissa Furman,” Goforth said. “After the first day of class, I knew in my gut that this was clearly the right choice.”

She wasted no time getting involved on campus. She went through sorority recruitment in her first semester and joined Alpha Delta Pi.

“Being involved in my sorority so heavily in the beginning made such an impact on me. Through ADPi, I have never felt alone and always had something to do,” she said.

“Sorority events are always so memorable, especially our socials. I remember my first social I ever attended was Mallard Ball my freshman year. We dressed up in all camouflage and had to walk from campus down the street to the event. We probably looked so silly in our outfits,” she said.

Goforth served as recruitment and marketing vice president for her sorority. In addition to serving within her sorority, she’s participated in Jaguar Miracle, a student-led organization that raises funds and awareness throughout the year for patients treated at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

“It’s crazy how fast time flies,” she said. “I can remember walking into Oak Hall for the first time. Some of my favorite freshman memories happened there.”

‘You have to know and understand people to lead them well.’

Recently, Goforth was selected to help establish a new program for women on campus – Hull College’s Women’s Leadership Academy. The WLA works in coordination with ADP to teach and train college women on different skills to make them more competitive in the workplace. The women selected also receive a mentor from ADP as well as a scholarship.

“The pilot year was great,” she said. “We didn’t get to fully finish everything we planned in person due to COVID-19, but this year we’re back and I’m serving as a peer leader, helping new women go through the program.”

The program begins over the summer. Students are given books, assessments and other resources to help them understand their leadership style, personality types, etc. They also attend a two-day mini-conference and monthly sessions.

“Due to the program being funded by ADP, we were able to utilize unique learning tools that most students wouldn’t normally have access to,” Goforth said.

“My ADP mentor, Jennifer Baggett was really, really great. We went through our books and discussed what we were learning. Multiple times she took us to dinner and spent a lot of time developing a relationship with each of us outside of the program,” she said. “She took the time to really get to know me.”

Toward the end of the program, students presented what they learned at ADP. After her completion of the program, Goforth began an internship this fall with ADP working in Campus Talent Acquisition. She credited her success in her internship to the skills she obtained from the academy.

"They are a diverse group of students who embody our values on a daily basis."

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‘I’ve never been someone that blindly follows others’

Goforth also mentioned that she wouldn’t have taken on the peer leader role without the guidance and support from Furman, lecturer in the Hull College of Business.

“She is the most amazing human being in the world,” Goforth said. “She’s taken me under her wing and became my greatest mentor professionally and personally.”

Goforth said Furman persuaded her to apply for the WLA one day after class. She felt uplifted by being selected by her personally.

“It definitely boosted my confidence,” she said. “Out of all the things I’ve done on campus Women’s leadership Academy has been the most important and impactful to me” I have always naturally felt like a leader among my friends, but I was shocked I was being noticed by others in a professional setting. It felt really good.”

Goforth explains that to her, leadership is more than simply giving others, directions to follow, but also investing time communicating and developing personal relationships with others.

“You have to know and understand people to lead them well,” she said. “I’ve never been someone that just blindly follows others,” she said. “When I think about good leadership, I think about someone who takes charge, but is respectful and kind to the ones they are leading.”

Furman added that Goforth is a student who is admired by her peers.

“When you first meet Hannah Goforth, you can instantly identify her as a leader,” Furman said. “She is a confident, professional, poised woman who reflects honor and transparency through her strong communication skills. She is an inquisitive, active listener who is comfortable with meeting new people and utilizes her outgoing personality to include and engage others. In class, Hannah applies her leadership abilities by leading class discussions and exercises. Her positive spirit and high energy are contagious and students naturally follow her lead.”

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Values Week 2020

To celebrate leadership, the university is hosting two Friendsgiving events. The first Friendsgiving begins at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 10 at the patio of the D. Douglas Barnard Jr. Amphitheatre.

Goforth, along with the Division of Enrollment and Student Affairs, encourages students to get involved on campus to develop their leadership skills.

“The university has the connections and resources,” she said. “They provide opportunities constantly – go for it!”

Meet Our Honorees

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