Parking changes are coming. Here’s what you need to know.

Augusta University is about to roll out some major parking changes.

Starting as early as Monday, May 8, the University is implementing some new parking rules and regulations for faculty, staff and students. Some of the changes include a change in parking permit rates, the length of time your permit is active and new parking rules.

Beginning Monday, if you are parked in a reserved spot that is not your own, if you are blocking the flow of traffic or if you are a repeat offender of parking rules and regulations, you are subject to being towed at your expense along with citation.

The company Parking and Transportation Services will be using is Chancey’s Wrecker Service located at 3102 Mike Padgett Hwy.  The cost to recover your vehicle is $175.00 and the storage fee is $25 per day.

While those parked in a reserved spot belonging to someone else will be towed immediately, those who are in violation of any of the other parking rules and regulations are subject to citations prior to towing. However, if you have three outstanding citations—or outstanding citations equaling $100 or more—you are subjected to being booted. Repeat offenders or those who have already been booted and are still violating parking rules and regulations may be towed.

Citations become outstanding after 5 days of inaction. If you feel that the citation is undeserved, you are able to appeal the citation. However, you must pay or appeal within 5 days or it becomes outstanding.

Beginning July 1, drivers will no longer be allowed to back into parking spots. This is because of the implementation of a new license place recognition system, which requires enforcement to read a legal plate.

There will also be some new parking rules regarding several lots.

Lot 3, the parking lot in front of the Health Sciences Student Center, will return to being a visitor pay lot. New entry gates and an automated payment gate at the exit have been installed, and will become operational starting May 14. The rate will remain the same at $1.00 per 30 minutes.

Lot 5, the dental patient lot located in front of the Dental College of Georgia, is for the exclusive use of dental patients. Therefore, in order to better enforce this rule and make it easier for patients to find parking, new gates have been installed. Patients will receive a parking validation to ensure they don’t have to pay for parking; however, the fee for non-validated parking is $50.00.

The last lot with some major changes is Lot 1, the residential lot for those who live in Oak and Elm Halls. A new gate has been installed, and beginning May 14, the lot will only be available to those with an access card.

Parking permit prices are also changing.

You can purchase your parking permit for the academic year 2018/2019 online with the new parking management system. Starting this upcoming academic year, parking permits will be multi-year permits, which means permits for 2018/2019 will not expire until August 2021.

Employee Permits will go on sale July 1, 2018 and employees will need to log in to the parking system to register their vehicle and purchase their permit. Nine and ten month faculty may purchase their permit when they return to campus.

For those with a Non-Reserved Health Sciences, University Employee permit the price will remain the same at $25.00 per month.

Other changes:

  • University employees with reserved spots on the Health Sciences campus will now be paying $88.00 per month.
  • Faculty and staff with non-reserved permits on the Summerville campus will go up from $15.00 to $20.00 per month.
  • All student permits will now be $50.00 for the semester.
  • Additionally, the threshold wage for low income employee permits has increased to $25,500.

A new feature coming to campus soon is a Pay by Phone option.

And one more thing, the Teal route name will change to the Blue Route on July 1.

According to David Santa Ana, director of Parking and Transportation, the changes offer greater efficiency.

“It’s been a compounding effect because we didn’t have a good [parking] management system, but now we can manage this stuff a lot more efficiently and much more effectively,” said Santa Ana. “These are some steps that needed to be implemented — it’s an effective use of technological advancements and a better use of personnel. Most parking customers will not be affected by the new towing and boot policies, this additional enforcement is really just a way to handle egregious offenders or repeat offenders.“

For more information contact Parking and Transportation at the parking office, or call (706)721-2953. For a full list of parking violations and their charges, click here.

Parking permit changes

Students$50 per semester
Non-Reserved Health Sciences, University employee$25.00 per month (no change)
Reserved Health Sciences, University employee$88.00 per month
Non-Reserved Summerville, University employee$20.00 per month

Parking rules and regulations

Booting3 outstanding citations
outstanding citations equaling $100 or more
Up to $100 Augusta University citation

TowingIf you are in a reserved spot, blocking the flow of traffic, or a repeat offender
$100 Augusta University citation
$175 to recover vehicle from Chancey’s
$25 per day storage fee at Chancey’s

Parking lot changes

Lot 1
Oak and Elm Halls
New gate installed
Access card accessible only
Residents onlyResidents onlyMay 14
Lot 3
Health Science
Student Center
Revert to pay lot

$1.00 per
30 min
$10.00 max
Wellness Center: 1.5 hours
JagStore: .5 hours
May 14
Lot 5
Dental Patient parking
Non-dental appointments charge
New parking gates
Card only
Patient parking will be validated May 14
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