Novell MyFiles to be retired on March 31

In November, users received notification that the Novell MyFiles directory will be retired as part of the effort to move file storage to new technology. Since December, the Novell MyFiles directory has been set to a read-only state to allow users to copy their files from Novell MyFiles to a new location and prevent the creation of new files. On Friday, March 31 at 5 p.m., the Novell MyFiles drive mapping will be turned off for all users. After the process on Friday afternoon, the next time a user logs into Novell they will not see the MyFiles drive.

Novell MyFiles is the personal directory that people who have Novell access use for storing files only belonging to them. Only people using Novell will see this drive. When you log into Novell the drive will show as the F: drive.

If you have already migrated your files to Box and are no longer using MyFiles, there is nothing for you to do.

If you are still using MyFiles, you need to move your files to your Box account by doing the following:

  • Utilize the Quick Start directions or Help Videos by visiting the Augusta University Information Technology site. Look for the Augusta University Box menu item at the bottom left of the navigation bar.
  • Or, request personal assistance by calling the IT Help Desk at 706-721-4000.

The change on March 31 is only for the Novell MyFiles F: drive. Anyone using Z: (Spots or Jaguar), U: (hihome), or other department drives like H:, T:, R: etc., will have no change on March 31.

For more information, call the Information Technology Help Desk at 706-721-4000.

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