Don’t leave for Spring Break without reading these tips

The golf carts are in place, vacation plans are made and people will soon be flocking in to Augusta for the Masters.

Whether you’re staying in town, renting your place or going out of the country, there’s no denying that everyone is preparing for Masters Week, and we want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible. So check out these tips from James Lyon, Augusta University Police Department chief, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When leaving on vacation:
    1. Unplug electronics and appliances. While technology has advanced, it’s still safer to unplug electronics and appliances when you’re heading out of town for a while.
    2. Make sure that all your doors and windows are locked.
    3. Stop mail and paper delivery to eliminate the appearance that you aren’t home. This is easy to do, and you can do it online at Having mail pile up is an easy way for burglars to know you’re gone, and for those who are renting, holding your mail is a sure way to know that you’ll receive everything you’re expecting.
    4. Check on your travel insurance and your health insurance policies.
    5. Road Trip? Call your auto insurance agent for a review of your coverages. Most people might think that their insurance follows them, but that’s not always the case. Make sure to call and check out how your policy covers rental vehicles.
    6. Insure your expensive items. If the worst should happen in spite of your preparation, at least you’ll know you’re covered.
    7. Make your house seem like someone is still home. This can be as easy as setting your lights on a timer or controlling them from an app on your phone.
    8. Be smart on social media. Don’t tip off criminals that you are away or on vacation. That means waiting to post pictures of your travels until you’re back home.
    9. Let your local law enforcement jurisdiction know you’ll be gone. Most will do home checks while you’re gone.
    10. Remove that spare key from its hiding place. Criminals will know to look for it if they think you aren’t home.
Think you’ve thought of everything? Before you head out the door keep these important items in mind:
    1. Passport, if you are leaving the country of course.
    2. Health Insurance Card.
    3. Auto Insurance Card: If you are going to rent or going on a road trip.
    4. Cash, especially when leaving the country to avoid all types of credit card fraud.
    5. ID Cards.
Things to leave behind:
    1. Forget the multiple credit cards, and definitely forget your Social Security Card. Identity Theft is real, so only pack what is really necessary.
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Written by Emily Lacey

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