Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Guediche holding a 3D brain diagram
Evan Goldstein, PhD, and Sara Guediche, PhD, will teach the first semester of courses for the new Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience program.  

College of Science and Mathematics welcomes new faculty for neuroscience program

Evan Goldstein, PhD, and Sara Guediche, PhD, have joined Augusta University’s College of Science and Mathematics faculty to teach the first semester of courses for the new Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience program.  

CSM’s neuroscience program was approved by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents earlier this year and officially kicks off this fall. The courses are designed with both conceptual and lab-based elements, giving students a well-rounded experience. 

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The intro classes will be available to all students at Augusta University, not just neuroscience majors. Even upper-level electives are available to non-neuroscience students once they complete the prerequisites. Anyone with an interest in the subject can take classes from the program. 

“You don’t need any specific background knowledge, just an interest in how things work,” said Goldstein.  

“Somebody who is interested in neuroscience has a passion for exploring the mind and brain,” Guediche said. “It’s an interdisciplinary field of science that focuses on understanding the brain and the nervous system at different levels. It’s perfect for those who want to see how different types of science relate to neuroscience.” 

Students can use a neuroscience degree to apply for further graduate study, join a professional health care program or start a career in research. Career options are also available outside the traditional sciences, like roles in education and the government. There are many available options because the program draws from so many disciplines. 

“You will get a little biology, pharmacology, chemistry, math, physics and psychology,” said Amy Abdulovic-Cui, PhD, director of the neuroscience program. “There are many opportunities for a neuroscience major.” 

According to Goldstein and Guediche, students should be open to trying neuroscience even as a supporting discipline to other degrees. 

“It applies to things they don’t consider. Let’s say you want to major in business, and you would never think to take a science class,” Guediche said. “Business principles and advertising really depend a lot on neuroscience research.” 

“We could talk about alternate careers all day,” Goldstein said. “You can pivot the neuroscience background into other things that interest you.” 

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