Doug Dooley’s story

To soothe a family’s troubled hearts.

— Doug Dooley, Healing Arts Program volunteer


Read the story of Doug Dooley, an AU Health Healing Arts Program volunteer, as we celebrate National Volunteer Week:

For one month each year, I hang some of my favorite photos on the walls of CHOG as part of the Healing Arts volunteer program. I take photos of nature and especially like to capture animals in motion. I hope my photos bring a measure of peace to children and their families going through a difficult time.

My family has lived in the area for many years, and our daughter, Katie, was born here in 1975. When she was about a month old, her pediatrician referred us to MCG for testing, where she was diagnosed with a rare disorder, deletion of the sixth chromosome. She has dealt with numerous health and developmental issues since then, and we’ve had many hospital visits over the years. Katie is 42 now, and we are very grateful she lives with us today — We were told most children with this disorder don’t live past their teens.

When I heard about the Healing Arts program, I realized I understand what the parents whose children are in the hospital feel. I know how frightened the children can become. I thought if I shared my art, the special beauty of nature might help take their minds off their worries for a while. I enjoy trying to give others something to enjoy.

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