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Augusta University’s award-winning magazines find a new home on the web

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On the face of it, it seems like putting magazine content on the web should be easy – until you try it.

Even though magazines are very visual and websites are built to draw you in with in with images, good magazine sites are hard to find and even harder to create. From the visuals to the coding, they’re difficult to do well. What’s easy, however, is to throw up an article and a picture and call it good.

But, at Augusta University, we’re proud of our magazine content. We put a lot of time and attention into every issue and we wanted to make sure our award-winning redesign didn’t lose anything in the move to the web – so we built a site that gave us a true magazine experience online.

Designed and created in-house and timed to coincide with the arrival of the Fall issue of A., the flagship alumni magazine of Augusta University, the new site offers readers the chance to interact with our magazine content in a stylish way specifically designed to squeeze the most out of the digital presentation.

As good looking on your phone as it is on your desktop and every bit as easy to navigate, the new site presents magazine content in a stylish new way while also providing opportunities for enhanced, web-exclusive content like videos, behind-the-scenes footage of our unique cover creations and easy to navigate photo galleries.

So just head to the homepage at, choose a story that interests you and dive in – special sidebars and infinite scrolling make it easy to bump up against the content you’re interested in.

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