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WRDW-TV: 10 year-old taekwondo world champion overcomes all odds

Isabelle Green earned gold at the world karate championships in June. Despite a daily fight with arthrogryposis, a chronic joint condition that limits much of her movements, this tough 10-year-old battled it out in LittleRock, Arkansas, to earn four gold medals.

Isabelle medaled in traditional forms, traditional sparring, weapons (using a staff), and combat sparring. These are skills she’s acquired over the last five years through the American Taekwondo Association and a local martial arts academy.

Isabelle’s miracle story was part of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Celebration for Children’s Hospital of Georgia in August 2017. You can watch Isabelle’s 2016 CMN story, as well as the follow-up on News 12 and NBC Augusta.

WRDW-TV: Ten year-old taekwondo world champion overcomes all odds
June 29, 2017


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