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Couple expecting twins marry in hospital chapel Thursday

Sr. Airman Allison Gross, 22, of Indiana, and Craig Harville, 21, of California, were married at 3 p.m. Thursday in the second-floor chapel at AU Medical Center.

Allison, who is 30-weeks pregnant with twin girls, is on bedrest and under the watchful care of the doctors and nurses in Labor and Delivery at AU Medical Center. Her doctor would like for the babies to reach at least 34 weeks, but because they share a placenta, the twins are being monitored around the clock.  The couple decided to get married before the babies arrive, and since Allison can’t leave, they asked about have a wedding in the hospital chapel.

The bride was transported five floors below her room via wheelchair, but she was allowed to walk into the chapel and remain on her feet for the brief ceremony. The bride was given in marriage by her father Denton Gross, while her mom Stephanie and two fellow Airmen looked on. In addition, about 20 employees of the hospital, mostly from L & D, attended.

AU Medical Center, a pioneer in Patient- and Family-Centered Care, truly demonstrated what that looks like for this patient and her family. Besides helping the couple plan the wedding, one of the nurses baked and decorated a two-tiered wedding cake, and others provided snacks, sparkling grape juice and wine flutes so the couple could have a toast and a makeshift reception inside the bride’s hospital room.

Allison and Craig Harville live in the Grovetown area where Ally, who is in the Air Force, is stationed at Fort Gordon.

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