Total Compensation Statements coming soon

Your 2016 Total Compensation Statement is heading your way soon! 

We are pleased to announce the employee Total Compensation Statements will soon be available for your review.

As a reminder, your salary, benefits, employer-provided taxes and leave make up your total compensation.  Our goal is to provide our dedicated and hardworking staff with a comprehensive total compensation package that rewards their commitment to our mission and helps us attract and retain the highest caliber of talent.

How Will I Receive my Statement?

The way your statement will be provided to you depends on your employment home.  For example, if you are an Augusta University employee, your statement will be mailed to your home address.  If you are an employee of AU Medical Associates, your statement will be mailed to your home address.  If you are an AU Medical Center employee, you will log into Employee Self Service located on the PAWS home page at http://paws.gru.edu/ to access your online statement – click on HI Employee Self Service on the Quick Access menu bar.

Need Assistance?

Your HR team is available to serve you and review any of your employer-offered benefits with you.  Please feel free to contact them based on your employment home.

Augusta University

Phone:                 (706) 721-3770
Office:                  Annex 1, HS Building

AU Medical Center Benefits

Phone:                 (706) 721-7909
Email:                    AUMCBenefits@augusta.edu
Office:                  1515 Pope Avenue, FG Building (next to Employee Health)

AU Medical Associates

Phone:                  (706) 828-6401
Email:                    lneville@augusta.edu
Office:                   Annex I, HS Building

Again, we thank you for your service and commitment to our University and Health System.

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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is managing editor of news & information at Augusta University. Contact him with questions or ideas for Jagwire at erijohnson@augusta.edu.