Psychology Today: Beyond Knee-Jerk Partisanship?

Gregg Murray, associate professor and chair of the Department of Political Science at Augusta University, is author of Caveman Politics, a blog on evolutionary psychology and politics for Psychology Today. A recent post, “Beyond Knee-Jerk Partisanship? Clinton, Trump, and Speeches,” compares the tone of Clinton and Trump’s acceptance speeches.

Moral Foundations Theory indicates morality has five universal foundations or concerns:

  • care/harm
  • fairness/cheating
  • loyalty/betrayal
  • authority/subversion
  • sanctity/degradation

Research shows that political conservatives and liberals tend to focus on different foundations. Conservatives tend to focus more on the last three, while liberals tend to focus on the first two,” Murray writes. Find out how the speeches compare with expectations for political liberals and conservatives at Psychology Today.

July 31, 2016 
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Written by Kelly Jasper

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