Augusta University's Fall 2020 commencement

Graduate Q&A:
Nicholas Woo

Augusta University is celebrating its spring, summer and fall graduates this week.

The university is proud to present the commencement ceremony as a live webcast. View all three ceremonies Friday, Dec. 11.

Nicholas Woo, who goes by Nick, has earned a bachelor’s degree in middle grades education from the College of Education.

Where is your spot in jagNation?

“I am Nicholas Woo and my major is in middle grades education with my areas of content being math and social studies. In my free time, I love to play golf or have some relaxing time with my fiancé.”

What's your favorite spot on campus?

“My favorite spot on campus is probably the outside tables behind the science building because not a lot of people know about those tables, so it’s a good, quiet place to study or just take a breather from a busy day.”

What are some gems you've learned as a student?

“I would say the two big things I have learned as a college student are do not procrastinate but also, don’t stress about every little thing.” 

What are you looking forward to after graduating?

“After graduation, I am looking forward to finally starting my teaching career and my wedding in May.”

How did you make your mark on campus?

“I think I made my mark on campus by being a founding father of Pi Kappa Phi. I am no longer a member, but during my time as a member I feel like I helped the university expand its Greek life and I helped the fraternity grow as a brotherhood.”

What's something the average person wouldn't guess about you?

“Something the average person would not guess about me is that I have five brothers. One who went to Augusta University, one who currently attends and twin brothers in high school.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of campus?

“I enjoy spending my time outside of campus playing golf, watching sports or spending time with my family.”

who would you credit for helping you navigate through college?

“The person that helped me navigate through college was my Aunt Kathy. She worked as an advisor at AU for many years and I could always count on her for great advice when I needed it and keeping me motivated when times got tough.”

What would you recommend to students who are beginning their AU journey?

“I would recommend that you do everything you can to make the most of your college years. Everyone says that time flies and these four years are your best years and that is really the case. So, study when you need to and do your work ahead of time so you can enjoy your weekends with friends.”

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Written by Stacey Eidson

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