Augusta University's Fall 2020 commencement

Graduate Q&A:
Megan Parkman

Augusta University is celebrating its spring, summer and fall graduates this week.

The university is proud to present the commencement ceremony as a live webcast. View all three ceremonies Friday, Dec. 11.

Megan Parkman has earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in photography from the Department of Art and Design in Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Where is your spot in jagNation?

“My name is Megan Parkman and I am graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in photography.”

What's your favorite spot on campus?

“My favorite spot on campus is the student lounge on the third floor in University Hall. It has an awesome view and can be very peaceful, especially if you are looking for a nap.”

What are some gems you've learned as a student?

“As a student, I have learned it’s OK to come to class looking like a bum sometimes, utilize every resource the university offers and don’t be afraid to try things outside of your major.” 

What are you looking forward to after graduating?

“After graduating, I look forward to continuing my dream of becoming a great photographer and making people feel the intensity and emotions of my photographs.”

What’s your favorite thing about JagNation?

“My favorite thing about JagNation is the amount of diversity on campus. Not everyone is a traditional student and there are so many diverse majors that make up the JagNation.”

How did you make your mark on campus?

“I made my mark on campus by using my camera. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked around campus taking photos in the last few years. I’m sure some of you have seen me.”

What's something the average person wouldn't guess about you?

“I’m a recovering drug addict. I’ve been sober for five years and I am so grateful for second chances.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of campus?

“Outside of campus, I like to spend my time with friends and family. A cozy night around a fire with good music and laughs is my kind of good time.”

who would you credit for helping you navigate through college?

“I don’t think I could pick just one person. I had an entire tribe with the Art Department, continuous support from my family and tons of fans that I didn’t even know were in my corner. If I had to name a few, my advisor Chadwick Tolley and my mentor Randy Pace. Without the advice and wisdom from these two, I would have been completely lost. They have pushed me to do better each day and helped me find my place.”

What would you recommend to students who are beginning their AU journey?

“Take this time to find yourself, try new things and, most importantly, begin networking with others now.”

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Written by Stacey Eidson

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