Augusta University's Fall 2020 commencement

Graduate Q&A:
Jacob Glover

Augusta University is celebrating its spring, summer and fall graduates this week.

The university is proud to present the commencement ceremony as a live webcast. View all three ceremonies Friday, Dec. 11.

Jacob Glover is a finance major with a bachelor’s degree in business from the James M. Hull College of Business. He is also the founder president of the Real Estate Club at Augusta University.

Where is your spot in jagNation?

“My name is Jacob Glover and I’m a finance major with a bachelor’s degree in business. I’m also president of the Real Estate Club at Augusta University.”

What are some gems you've learned as a student?

“I learned the importance of applying what I am learning to get the full experience.”

What are you looking forward to after graduating?

“I look forward to continuing my professional career as a Realtor and building my business.”

What’s your favorite thing about JagNation?

“My favorite thing about JagNation is the staff at Hull College of Business and the many different cultured people at the university, and getting to know them both.”

How did you make your mark on campus?

“I wanted to make sure that I took each class seriously and took advantage of each professor’s teachings. I also was the founder of the Real Estate Club at Augusta University and was able to build relationships with real estate brokerages in the Augusta area. This past year, and for years to come, multiple brokerages did and are giving our members scholarships to take the real estate pre-license course to obtain a real estate license, which was a huge goal I wanted to achieve for our members.”

What's something the average person wouldn't guess about you?

“The average person would not guess that I am not a fan of getting shots from the doctor. I am not a fan.”

How do you like to spend your time outside of campus?

“Outside of campus, I work and go on as many trips as possible. Mostly to the mountains or the beach.”

who would you credit for helping you navigate through college?

“I credit the professors in the Hull College of Business. Dr. Melissa Furman was a wonderful my entire time there and helped me start the real estate club. Others were Dr. Peter Basciano, Dr. Wendy Habegger, Mr. Roger Duke, Dr. Dinesh Hasija, Dr. Manisha Mathur, Mr. Bill Rhodes, Dr. Mark Thompson, Dr. Yann Ferrand and Dr. Richard Franza. I was able to build great relationships with each one mentioned.”

What would you recommend to students who are beginning their AU journey?

“Engage, engage, engage. Learn and apply what you are being taught and build healthy relationships with your professors and students around you.”

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Written by Stacey Eidson

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