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Cadet Jose Castro became interested in the ROTC by taking part in JROTC in high school as well as having members of his family in different branches in the military.

Pride of the Jaguar Battalion: Jose Castro

Each month, Jagwire features a cadet who is enrolled in Augusta University’s ROTC program and is a member of the Jaguar Army ROTC Battalion. For December, we spoke with Jose Castro.

Where are you from and what high school did you attend?

I am from Lillington, North Carolina, where I attended Western Harnett High School up until my senior year, which ended up being in Evans, Georgia, at Lakeside High School, where I graduated.

Why did you choose to attend Augusta University?

I chose to attend Augusta University because I heard about it during my time at Lakeside High School. I heard it had a computer sciences program as well as an Army ROTC program. With my family moving back to North Carolina following my graduation and with COVID still around, I didn’t really know where to go, but thankfully I decided upon Augusta to further my education.

How did you become interested in the ROTC/military?

I became interested in ROTC by being able to take JROTC in high school. I loved all the memories I got to make as well as the people I was able to meet, which is why I wanted to continue in college. Being in an all-military family (brother in the Air Force, stepdad in Army Special Forces, and mom teaching Special Forces), I really didn’t have much of a choice anyways.

Why did you choose to pursue the degree that you’ve selected?

I chose to pursue a degree in cybersecurity because I believe that the future is in technology, more specifically in the cyber world. With the recent innovations in the field, job security in cybersecurity is at an all-time high, which is what I dream to do after the military.

What are your long-term plans for the military?

I plan on staying in the military for a while and hopefully have the chance to retire after a full 20-year service to my country.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of being in the ROTC?

One big misconception in ROTC is that it’s only training to be in the military after graduation. While it is true that many of the Cadre wish to produce as many good and effective leaders in the Army, the biggest thing ROTC can give to anyone, in my opinion, is the ability to improve on people’s leadership ability and confidence in their everyday lives.

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What has been the hardest adjustment to preparing for the military?

One thing that has been a hard adjustment is the ability to manage being a student, employee, as well as a cadet all in one. With classes only getting harder, work still long, and responsibilities as a cadet still rising, it is always a fun time trying to balance everything.

What are you most excited about now that you are a part of Jaguar Nation and the Jaguar Battalion?

I think the most exciting thing about being a part of Jaguar Nation and most importantly, a part of the Jaguar Battalion, is the opportunities for change. Every semester, I have the honor to witness great change throughout the university, whether it be through new buildings or events and clubs. It is always a wonderful feeling to see and be a part of the positive change that is taking place at Augusta University.

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