Not all links are as helpful as they seem…

Luckily, this one isn’t dangerous. But to make sure you keep yourself as safe as possible, be sure to check out these five security tips from Augusta University Chief Information Security Officer Walter Ray.

1. Learn to Identify Suspected Phishing Emails

There are some qualities that identify an attack through an email:

  • They duplicate the image of a real company.
  •  Copy the name of a company or an actual employee of the company.
  • Include sites that are visually similar to a real business.
  • Promote gifts, or the loss of an existing account.
  • They use overly formal greetings like “Most goodly sir”
  • Often use bad grammar and spelling
2. Check the Source of Information for Incoming Mail

Augusta University will never ask you to send your passwords or personal information by email. Never respond to these questions, and if you have the slightest doubt, call the IT help desk at 706-721-4000 for clarification.

3. Never Click on Links or Attachments Included in Emails Unless You Were Expecting Them
  • Do not click on hyperlinks or links attached in the email, as they might direct you to a fraudulent website.
  • Type in the URL directly into your browser, or use bookmarks/favorites if you want to go faster.
  • Attachments should not be trusted unless you were expecting the message from someone you know.
4. Phishing Knows All Languages

Phishing knows no boundaries, and can reach you in any language. In general, phishing emails are poorly written or translated, so this may be another indicator that something is wrong.

If you do come across a language barrier as a result of clicking on a link, question why. If you never visit the Spanish website of your bank, why would your statements show up in Spanish?

5. Have the Slightest Doubt, Do Not Risk It – Report It!

The best way to prevent phishing is to consistently reject any email or news that asks you to provide confidential data.

Forward the email to and then delete it immediately. You may also call the help desk directly at 706-721-4000 for more information.

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Nick Garrett

Nick Garrett is a communications coordinator in the Division of Communications & Marketing at Augusta University. Contact him at 706-446-4802 or

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Written by Nick Garrett

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