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To help ease the transition from Georgia Regents University to Augusta University, a site has been created at that will serve as a landing page for all communications regarding the changeover.

Please frequent this site often to make sure you have the latest information about this process and to view previous FAQs.

Here are the latest answers to your Augusta University questions:


Will the university lose traction in enrollment or rankings due to another name change? 

While we will be very sensitive to confusion that may arise and will proactively work to address it, students are drawn to the programs we offer and the learning experiences and facilities we can provide. For example, the new residence hall opening in the fall is already in high demand and generating a lot of excitement.

This year’s Freshman Index was the highest in our history, and we expect the name change will help raise our profile among students in our region and state. Each of us can become part of the solution by helping potential students understand that while the name has changed, the outstanding opportunities we offer have not.


Will the colors or mascots change? 

No. We will remain the Jaguars, and our colors will be blue and gray. We encourage our community to continue to use Jaguar logos and spirit marks during the transition. Go Jags!


When will my email change? 

The first step is to decide on a new domain name and seek its certification with Educause, the registrar for names in the .edu domain. Then we will create and implement a transition plan that minimizes disruption as much as possible.


Is this the first step to undoing consolidation or reducing the scope of our mission? 

No. The Board of Regents made clear they are excited about the future of our successfully consolidated institution, and they hope this change will spark even greater success. The steadfast support from our Governor, the University System of Georgia and the BOR during and since consolidation makes clear their understanding of the tremendous value of this institution to our community, region, state and nation. We will continue to pursue the goals President Keel was hired to pursue as he has articulated since his appointment: an outstanding undergraduate campus, a top-50 medical school, significant contribution to the future of cybersecurity and growth in areas that will benefit Georgians.


Under what name will our athletic teams compete?

Augusta University.

After fielding numerous inquiries from our competitors and conferring with the NCAA, we concluded that allowing our teams to be recognized under the banner of our new name will more quickly alleviate any confusion and promote valuable team recognition in conference, regional or national exposure. We will use our current uniforms, stationary, business cards, signage, etc., — GRU, Georgia Regents University or Georgia Regents University Augusta — until we can transition in a fiscally responsible way to using the new name.


Be sure to check Jagwire regularly for the latest news regarding the transition from Georgia Regents University to Augusta University.

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