Augusta University's Fall 2020 commencement

Graduate Q&A:
Tom Bennett Jr.

Augusta University is celebrating its spring, summer and fall graduates this week.

The university is proud to present the commencement ceremony as a live webcast. View all three ceremonies Friday, Dec. 11.

Tom Bennett Jr. has earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from the College of Education. He is in his fourth year teaching at W.S. Hornsby Middle School.

Where is your spot in jagNation?

“My name is Tom A. Bennett Jr. I majored in Master of Arts in Teaching and my classification is graduate student.”

What's your favorite spot on campus?

“University Hall is my favorite spot on campus. This is where I spent the majority of my time for class and other activities because of my major.”

What are some gems you've learned as a student?

“Some gems I learned at Augusta University are to make sure that the lessons I’m planning for my students are engaging and relevant and the lessons have real-world applications. These gems changed my entire teaching experience and they have made me really love what I do.”

What are you looking forward to after graduating?

“After graduating, I look forward to taking the gems I learned during my time at Augusta University and continue to implement those strategies in my classroom at W.S. Hornsby Middle School.”

What’s your favorite thing about JagNation?

“My favorite thing about JagNation is the pride we have for our school and the hard work that we’ve put in to push the College of Education department to be recognize on the national level.”

How did you make your mark on campus?

“I made my mark on campus by being a student that the College of Education department could depend on to do various projects or tasks and scoring high on my edTPA (educative Teacher Performance Assessment).”

What's something the average person wouldn't guess about you?

“The average person, when they see me, wouldn’t guess that I am in my fourth year teaching seventh grade English Language Arts.” 

How do you like to spend your time outside of campus?

“Outside of campus, I like to spend my time with my wife, friends and going to the beach.”

who would you credit for helping you navigate through college?

“For me, it’s hard to credit one person who helped me navigate through college at Augusta University because different professors and other AU staff helped me on my journey. If I had to highlight a college though, it would definitely be the College of Education.”

What would you recommend to students who are beginning their AU journey?

To students who are beginning their Augusta University journey, I would recommend that they stay connected with their academic advisor because they really make sure you’re on the right track to graduate. Also, stay in good standing with your professors because you never know who you might need to assist you on your path to success.”

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Written by Stacey Eidson

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