Date for legal name change to Augusta University

The following message was sent out Friday, Oct. 9, by President Brooks Keel.

Dear Jaguar Nation,

I would like to personally thank you for the spirit in which you have embraced our change from GRU to Augusta University. While we have much work to do, there has been a great deal of enthusiasm and engagement in the process of developing the plan for our transition. I am grateful for the support you have shown for this university and for your willingness to join with me in moving us ahead.

Over the past few weeks, we have worked to identify key issues to be addressed as we transition to our new identity. As we have worked through the list of items to be addressed, we have been able to create a clearer work plan. At this time, there are two critical dimensions to our name change:

1) Issues related to our legal identity. These issues can be addressed quickly, and we can identify a specific date for execution of this piece of the transition.

2) The overall rebranding of the university and creation of a new graphic representation of our identity. This process will take longer and will happen over a period of time. We are working hard on this part of the transition, informed by the input of our faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends.

I write to you today with an announcement related to the first dimension of our name change. After careful consideration, balancing a number of important interests that have been communicated to me and other members of our leadership team, I am pleased to share that the date for the changeover in our legal identity from Georgia Regents University to Augusta University will be Dec. 1, 2015.

The full rebranding of our university will require more time. For example, it is unlikely that we will have completed our work on our new word mark and logo by Dec. 1. We are also building our timeline for email and website transitions, but those changes will not be completed by Dec. 1.  Likewise, the institutional name change for submission of external grant applications is a complex process with its own timeline, and the Division of Sponsored Program Administration will work closely with faculty to ensure grant applications are identified appropriately. There are no doubt other examples of instances where our transition timeline will be longer. But in terms of communicating with our accreditors, external agencies and in our official correspondence, we should begin referring to ourselves as Augusta University after Dec. 1.

We understand that our changes may be confusing to some of our audiences. We continue to work to minimize that confusion and to generate excitement around our new brand. Please continue to feel free to communicate with Karla Leeper about any transition issues you may be facing in your area or any issues that the selection of the Dec. 1 date may pose for you.

Thank you for all you do for GRU, soon to be Augusta University.

Go Jags!

Brooks Keel

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Eric Johnson

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Written by Eric Johnson

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