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New students move into their new home to start a new year

It is the beginning of their college journey, the first time many of these students will be on their own away from their family and friends. But freshmen moving into Oak Hall Saturday quickly learned they have a surrogate family ready to welcome them to Augusta University.

“It is hugely important to see all the volunteer staff out there helping the students move in,” said Dr. Brooks Keel, president of Augusta University. “This is the fun part of the job. I love it. I love seeing all these volunteers from all over campus come together. It shows that the entire campus is excited to have these students here.”

One of those students, Nicole Morel, came from Valdosta, Georgia to Augusta University. She said the Medical College of Georgia played a big role in her decision to choose Augusta.

“The medical college is right here,” she said. “I also like the campus. It provides everything I need. I want to be a neurologist or a neurosurgeon. I chose Augusta University because I have the opportunity to do research.”

Keel said the incoming freshmen will watch Augusta University change before their eyes and transform over the next four years.

“The cyber program will be operational this academic year,” Keel said. “Work is also underway to move the College of Science and Mathematics down to the Health Sciences campus. We’re hoping to have that done by 2020. ”

With classes set to start Wednesday, students have time to set up their room, get to know their roommates and explore Augusta University’s campus during the annual Week of Welcome.

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