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May 2022

This page details the outcome of our efforts each month. Data is gathered from a variety of sources including Anchor, Cision, Google Analytics, Kivvit and Sprout Social.

Priorities Overview

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Earned Media

Unpaid coverage of Augusta University obtained through our media efforts

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In The Wild Podcast

Episode performance for current and past episodes

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Views and readership of articles published to Jagwire

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JagMobile App

Mobile application reception and
growth since launch

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Social Media

Post performance across all channels

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Enrollment Campaign

Results and updates on current campaign

Earned Media

Aggregate Readership
Total Mentions
Top-Tier Mentions

Aggregate Readership shows a brand’s total audience potential reach over a specific amount of time. This metric shows the combined reader/viewership of the news, blogs and broadcast hits for Augusta University.

A Top-Tier Mention is a mention of the highest level or rank with regard to quality, reputation or importance. Examples include AJC, ABC News, Businessweek, CNN, Forbes and U.S. News and World Report. 




Jagwire Stories Published
Average Time on Page

A pageview is defined as a view of a page on your site or an instance of a page being loaded (or reloaded) in a web browser. We track this through Google Analytics. 

Top Story

Augusta University President Brooks A. Keel, PhD, has announced the creation of the School of Public Health, which will be a crucial tool in helping promote the health of populations in today’s rapidly changing environment.

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Additional Top Jagwire Articles

Pre-med student becomes first Goldwater Scholar at Augusta University

Graduation Week 2022: Medical College of Georgia grad aspires to improve mental health for young patients

New lung washing procedure helps patients breath again

Social Media


Impressions indicate the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. Impressions help us know how often a post is being seen.

Engagements measure the public shares, likes and comments for an organization’s social media efforts. This is not limited to follower activity.

Top Social Posts

Congratulations to the first cohorts graduating from the Augusta University College of Science & Mathematics new master of science programs! #AUGGRAD

Thank you to all who made our Strategic Plan Launch celebration one to remember! Click to watch. 💙 #LikeNoOther

We are so #PROWLD of Tonya Dority, the cataloging and metadata librarian for Augusta University Libraries! #LikeNoOther

In The Wild Podcast

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Top Episodes

Gettin’ real with Dr. Keel | VODCAST

Celebrating Graduation Week with Mr. Augusta University

Gettin’ real with Dr. Keel | VODCAST

Jag Mobile App

Unique Visitors
Sessions Per User

Screenviews indicate the number of screens (i.e. each unique page of content in the app or each unique screen in the web) that were viewed by someone that day.

Unique visitors is a term used to describe the count of how many unique points of access are in use to the app. It’s also a way of saying how many users are using the app. However, if a user is looking at the app using 2 different devices (even if he/she is logged in), then that user is counting as 2 unique visitors for that day.

Sessions per user describes the number of times the user uses the app for the entire period.

Watch: Jag Mobile Promo Video

Education For Life Campaign

Link Clicks

Impressions indicate the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. Impressions help us know how often a post is being seen.

Campaign Insights

  • – In the past two weeks, reach is up across the board on social. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all improved when we analyze audience reached. Interestingly, Facebook is driving the fewest impressions and clicks, but the most conversions, placing top spot for performance across social. Twitter is producing the most clicks at the lowest cost, and places second for conversion volume. Snapchat is generating the most impressions, but the fewest conversions.
  • – Submissions across all audiences with 1,178 form submissions, while Facebook is the next highest with 62. SnapChat leads with the most impressions (2,829,891), while Twitter had the most clicks (51,994), a strong 1.97% CTR and a low $0.20 CPC. Twitter is the next highest impression driver, with 2,642,206 impressions and 0.49% CTR and $5.13 CPC. Despite having far fewer impressions (135,977), Search drove the 2nd highest number of clicks with 14,653 and a high 10.78 CTR. YouTube drove 872,763 impressions, 144,362 views and 16.54% view rate, with 4,470 hours of watch time.

FY 22 Mid-Year Impact Report Now Available

FY 21 Impact Report

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