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Unsure about the revenue cycle project? Here are some FAQs.

Last year, in an effort to provide our patients an experience matching the world class care they’ve come to expect, AU Health began working on a new patient experience framework, one that follows the patient through the entire cycle of their time with us, from scheduling their first appointment to the last payment on their account.

Implementing such wholesale change is especially challenging for our staff. It will augment existing processes, impact familiar workflows and change much of what we’ve come to expect from business as usual. However, we’re confident the end result will be more satisfied patients and a smoother, more efficient work environment for our staff.

Following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

What changes will I notice in my daily work?

Those who are working in IDX Scheduling and/or HealthQuest environments will now be working in Cerner. As a result, most will find their daily work simplified by a reduction in the number of systems required to work from. Tasks will be more automated for easier workflows and will have greater visibility and more information to work from.

Do I have to change everything about my current workflow?

All workflows are being evaluated to identify opportunities to streamline and standardize. If you are in a new system, there will be new workflows. Orientation and training plans are currently being developed so everyone will be comfortable with the new systems and processes.

Do the folks working on this project understand my needs and requirements as an employee?

The process was begun by interviewing several people and by observing the organization as a whole to understand the current process flows. The feedback received has been utilized by work teams in the design of the future workflows. Moving forward with multiple months of testing, we will be engaging front line staff across the enterprise to validate and help refine the design.

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