Parking rates increase on Summerville and for reserved spots

As previously reported, Augusta University and Augusta University Health employees no longer have to replace their parking hang tags. However, because employees are no longer required to resubmit their information, those experiencing an increase might not be aware of it until the payroll deduction takes effect.

Therefore, please read the following information to see if you will be affected.

FY 18 Augusta University Parking Rates

$40 per semester
For students who choose to park on campus.

Health Sciences Campus Lots
$25 per month – Non-Reserved
$85 per month – Individual Reserved (Please note: Individual Reserved Spaces are sold out at this time.)

Summerville Campus Lots
$15 per month – Non-Reserved

All Lots
$5 per month – Low-Income Employees earning less than $25,000 per year.

A new 10-month employee permit is available for those employees on a 10-month contract.

For more information, visit Parking and Transportation Services.

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