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Dr. Rao answers ‘No. 1 question about No. 2,’ for Women’s Health magazine

Everybody poops, according to Women’s Health magazine writer Tracey Middleton. But the real question is: How frequently should you be going? It can cause anxiety if you and your roommate are on different ends of the spectrum. But experts, including Satish Rao at Augusta University’s Digestive Health Center, say to relax, because a wide range of pooping frequencies is totally normal.

What’s more, stressing out that you’re pooping too much or too little could actually make things worse. That’s because your brain and your gut are tightly linked by a network of nerves and neurotransmitters. When you’re anxious, the body directs blood to vital organs like the heart and lungs, and away from your digestive system—which can leave your gut in turmoil, according to Rao. That can lead to either constipation or more frequent BMs.

Women’s Health: How Often Should I Really Be Pooping?

April 14, 2017

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