Success STEMs from an Augusta University education

The job search site Glassdoor released a study recently ranking the 50 college majors that result in the highest-paying jobs five years after graduation.

Eight of the top ten majors are in STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields. Of those eight, Augusta University offers five.

Using information taken from nearly 500,000 resumes, the study found that students majoring in one of the following fields were likely to earn more than their colleagues after graduation:

Computer Science (No. 1) $70,000

Information Technology (No. 6) $64,008

Statistics (No. 8) $60,000

Nursing (No. 9) $58,928

Management Information Systems (No. 10) $58,000

In addition to the Glassdoor study, a recent report from College Choice ranked the university’s Bachelor of Social Work program among the 50 best in the country and the Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration program the fourth-most affordable.

The key takeaway? Augusta University programs, STEM or otherwise, are some of the best and most affordable in the country.

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